Business Lookups

The Lookup endpoint provides customers a means to verify legitimacy of entities they seek to work with/onboard. The endpoint takes in a number of inputs and returns the principal information about the entity and any other additional information available from the country's database.

Depending on the country where the entity is registered, different countries use different properties to search an entity and here is a list of all possible parameters you can use to search:

  1. Entity name: The exact name of an entity that is either registered or undergoing registration.

  2. Entity Registration number: The registration number of the given entity you are searching.

  3. Entity Tax number: The tax number of the company can be used to look up a companies tax details

Searches are faster with an entity's registration number or tax number.

Running a look up

Now we know that each countries' lookup is different, let's examine how to carry out lookups in each country available on the platform at the moment.

You are required to have at least one of the entity parameters described above to complete a successful search.

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