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Running a beneficial ownership search on a Nigerian entity.

To run a beneficial ownership search on a Nigerian entity, one needs either the Registration number or Entity name.When looking up a Nigerian entity using their CAC number, omit the "RC" (for Corporate entities) or the "BN" (for Enterprises) that comes before the CAC number. For example "RC1234567" would be "1234567".









This can be any of the entity's parameters e.g a name 'test co', or a registration number '12809000003' '

The response to this request is divided into four major pieces of information:

  1. General Company and Share allocation information: This object contains general entity information and how entity shares are allocated across shareholders.

  2. Beneficial owner information: This object gives details of each beneficial owner associated with the entity. It shows each entity shareholder, general information about them and their role in the business.

  3. Precise Address: This object gives precise details of the entity's registered address and can be used as a "place_id" in a google maps API query.

  4. Classification: This object classifies the entity according to what it does / what industry it operates and returns all possible industries the company operates and a probability score attached to each.

  "company_id": "1234567",
  "company_name": "JOHN DOE TECHNOLOGIES LTD",
  "company_status": "INACTIVE",
  "company_registration": "1234567",
  "company_commencement_date": "2017-02-22",
  "company_type_info": "PRIVATE COMPANY LIMITED BY SHARES",
  "company_email": null,
  "company_address": "21 JANE STREET, OFF JOHN AVENUE, ILUPEJU",
  "company_address_city": "LAGOS",
  "company_address_state": "LAGOS",
  "company_objectives": "TO MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE",
  "company_address_details": {
      "company_formatted_address": "21 Jane St, Ilupeju, Lagos, Nigeria",
      "commpany_place_id": "ggoogle place id",
      "commpany_coordinates": [

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