Enjoy access to real-time ID API

Hi there! Welcome aboard!

Let's get started on what Appruve is and what we do. Appruve allows you to verify the identities of individuals, businesses, and connect to financial account data across Africa with one API.

A question you might ask is how do we do this. We do this by taking some Personally identifiable information (PII) from you, then match this PII across the variety of data sources we are connected to including Government issued ID databases, Telco databases, bank accounts, and other identity databases. We then return to you a matching record or otherwise.

Our APIs are built for different use cases. For example you can use Appruve Identity to verify government issued ID documents. You can also use Appruve Agency to build a verification flow that combines the use of an ID document and a photo selfie to verify the identity of an individual.

I know you are excited and so am i. Start building something cool that will change the world :)

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